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9th & 10th Biology

Sept. 17:  Read and discuss Lesson 2.1.  Do 2.1 worksheets

Sept. 18:  Correct 2.1 worksheets.  Read and discuss Lesson 2.2.  Do worksheets

Sept. 19:  


5th-10th Art

Op Art Project Due on or before Friday, August 31, 2018

Op Art Project Video

How to draw a hamster



Lego Mindstorm Education Building Instructions & Program Descriptions


Getting Started with LEGO®MINDSTORMS®Education EV3




9th & 10th World History

Terms to know:  oligarchy, democracy, republic, polytheism, monotheism, impartial justice, trial by jury, romance languages, aqueduct, Christianity, Islam, Allah, Muhammad, caliphs, Quran, 

Sept. 20:  Read "The World of the Americas" p. 16-17.  Know "Aztec", "Maya", "Inca", "Mound Builders", "Anasazi"

Sept. 19:  Read "Europe in the Middle Ages" and "The Byzantine Empire"  p. 14-16.  Know "feudalism", "revival", "Crusades", "Black Death", "Byzantium", Constantinople", Istanbul"

Sept. 18:  Read "The Medieval Asian World" p. 13-14.  Know "dynasty", "bureaucracy", "sultanate", "landed aristocrats", "traditional"

Sept. 17:  Read "Early African Civilizations" p.12-13. - Know "prosper", "lineage groups",  

Sept. 13:  Read "The World of Islam" p. 11-12.  Research the basic beliefs of Islam. (due tomorrow).  Watch the following videos about the history of Islam:

The Beginnings of Islam: The Life of Muhammad

The Spread of Islam





5-10 P.E.

Badminton Serving and Rotation Rules

































Lewis and Clark Expedition

Video: NG Lewis and Clark Great Journey West

Video: History Channel Lewis and Clark Expedition

Video: Lewis and Clark Expedition Short Version

Video:  Sacagawea's Story


PBS Website about the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Scholastic website about the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Expedition Information and resources









7th & 8th Science

Sept. 20:  Lab - Pond Water Examination and Growing Bacteria.

Sept. 19:  Read p. 39-47.  Define Vocab Words: ringworm, candida, penicillium, hyphae, mycelium, saprophyte, mycology, parasite Kingdom Fungi.  Do Concept Check on p. 47

Sept. 18:  Read pages 32-38.  Define Vocab Words:  protist, protozoan, phytoplankton, pseudopodia, flagella, cilia, dinoflagellates, red tide, algal bloom, Anopheles mosquito, malaria..  Do Concept Check on p. 38

Sept. 17:  Read pages 25-31.  Do Concept Check on p. 31 - Due Tomorrow

Chapter 1 Vocabulary Terms by Lesson

Chapter 1, Lesson 1, Vocabulary Words

Chapter 1, Lesson 2, Vocabulary Words

Chapter 1, Lesson 3, Vocabulary Words

Chapter 1, Lesson 4, Vocabulary Words


Finish last week's assignment.

ByDesign Science 7 Chapter 1, Lesson 1, Reading Guide



7th & 8th History

Sept. 21:  Typed country report due.  "Share" document with teacher.

Sept. 20:  Read and discuss p. 562-563.  Discuss the causes and effects of the Crusades

Homework:  Work on country report - Due Friday.

Sept. 19:  Read and discuss p. 559-561.  Discuss the monarchy in France, the 3 estates, and the Estates General.  Discuss the development of Slavic Europe and interactions with Mongols.  Discuss the rise of Russian Czars.

Homework:  Work on Country Report - Due Friday.

Sept. 18:  Read and discuss p. 556-558. Discuss William the Conqueror and the effects of the Norman conquest, development of common law, grand jury, trial jury, Magna Carta and the idea of individual rights, the Great Council and the development of Parliament and representative government.

Homework:  Work on country report - due Friday

7th-8th Grade Country Research Project



Brandon P.-France










Country Report Process

1.  Research the topics listed below for the country of your choice. You may include more.

A.  Geography - dimensions, famous landforms. B. Climate, weather, seasons. C. Government-type of government, leaders, branches. D. Country symbols, i.e., flag, E. Economy-money, occupations, transportation, major industries and companies.  F. People-families, houses, folk and modern dress, religion, education, etiquette, food, language, ceremonies, numbers from 1-10, popular sports. G.  Culture-arts, drama, literature, instruments H. Famous landmarks and places to visit, I. Famous people in the history of the country.

2.  Write and type a report about the country.  Write at least one paragraph for each of the topics above.  Due Sept. 21.

3.  Find pictures and illustrations for each paragraph

4.  Prepare “powerpoint”.  Use your report to guide the making of the "powerpoint" with one slide per paragraph. 

5.  Include a tile slide and a slide listing where you found your information (sources of info).  The title slide must have a title and a catchy subtitle.  Powerpoint file due Oct. 2.

6.  Practice “speaking” your script while giving your “powerpoint” presentation.

7.  Present your “powerpoint” presentation to the class, the class and teacher will provide feedback.  Oct. 2-4

8.  Revise “script” and “powerpoint” using feedback from the class and the teacher.

Due Oct. 8

9.  Give presentation to the whole school during chapel. Chapels in Oct., Nov., Dec.

Sample Country Powerpoint Presentation








5th & 6th Science

Sept. 20:  Make a model or poster showing how meiosis works.

Sept. 19:  Make a model or poster showing how mitosis works.

Sept. 18:  Read p. 33-39.  Define the following vocabulary words:  mitosis, chromosomes, cytokinesis, meiosis, gametes.  Do Concept Check, #s 1-4, p. 39




Cells and Organelles 01

Cells and Organelles 02


7th & 8th Bible

Sept. 20:  Daniel 3:  Discuss faith in God and the "Long View"

Sept. 19:  Daniel 3:  Discuss whether God will always keep bad things from happening to good people.  What impact should this have on one's faith?

Sept. 18:  Daniel 3:  Discuss ways in which people are pressured to change or temporarily put aside their beliefs.  How can one resist pressure of all kinds and remain loyal to God?